South city hall parking lot in Deadwood to be reconfigured

March 7, 2019

DEADWOOD — In the coming months, the concrete barriers separating south city hall parking from Family Dollar parking in Deadwood will be replaced with a reconfiguration of the lot that addresses drainage, traffic flow, and aesthetic issues.

City officials identified a need for the parking lot to be modified, for safety concerns, to increase use and efficiency of the available space, and to improve drainage.

Police Chief Kelly Fuller said the project has been approved by the parking and transportation committee and will be paid for from the committee’s 2019 budget.

“Currently, the surface in there is poor, and there are also drainage issues around the church,” Fuller said. “With the Family Dollar traffic and safety issue with entrances, we’re looking to improve traffic movement in the area, hopefully gain a few more parking spots, and make it more aesthetically pleasing.”

Commissioner Sharon Martinisko clarified that the amount approved Monday was just for design services. Fuller said yes.

The contract approved includes design, bid package, and engineer’s estimate in the amount of $22,943, with the goal of completing the design work by July.

The engineer proposes working with the South Dakota Department of Transportation to reconfigure the driveway approaches into the city’s parking lot, as well as the Family Dollar parking lot.

“We’ll also be looking at the approaches in that area and maybe removing one and taking out the center portion of parking and placing it on the outside, instead of the middle,” Fuller said.

Around a year ago, a concrete barrier was erected on the city’s property line between the city parking and Family Dollar parking, following a trolley accident in the lot.

“When vehicles would exit on Sherman Street, they’d cut that corner and come flying across and we had too many close calls there. Basically, we have close calls there every day,” Fuller said. “So the barrier went in as a temporary fix. But we always had our sights set on improving that lot, so hopefully this project will enhance safety, traffic flow, and improve the look of the lot, as well.”

Scope of included services on the project includes: a topographic survey; a concept plan including parking lot reconfiguration options, drainage improvements within the parking lot, with possible roof drains piped underground to storm sewer or area inlets; options for delineating between city lot and Family Dollar lot, with wood fence a possibility; resurfacing of the entire project area; possibly running overhead utility line underground to eliminate poles; incorporation of the fact there is substantial pedestrian traffic on Water Street; parking layout to accommodate truck turning patterns; possibility of widening sidewalk along south side of city hall; demolition plan; striping plan; electrical lighting design of perimeter parking lot lighting; and other items.

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