UNMC geriatric psychiatrist reaching patients online

December 19, 2018

OMAHA - A UNMC geriatric psychiatrist is reaching patients across the state via a new internet platform.

Dr. Tom Magnuson is one of only five geriatric psychiatrists in Nebraska and provides his services to more than 80 nursing homes.

Dr. Magnuson says what he offers is very beneficial for everyone involved.

“What we can do and we have done in a number of circumstances, is go over and monitor medications and make sure that they are not getting medications they shouldn’t, and there are certain Medicare/Medicaid provisions about that. And the other is provide education to the staff to help them better care for the patients without the use of medication. And so the teaching element and the treatment element are both important to us.”

Dr. Magnuson says the service is provided essentially through an encrypted internet platform that is very easy to load from the university into the facilities.

He says just because there is a geographic distance, that shouldn’t affect the patients ability to receive his and UNMC’s level of care.

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