LISBON, Portugal (AP) _ El Salvador appealed Tuesday for the world's wealthiest nations to fund a $1.3 billion plan to rebuild the Central American nation's war-shattered economy.

Jose Manuel Pacas Castro, the Salvadoran foreign minister, presented details of the five-year plan to officials from the United States, the European Community, Canada and Japan.

He was joined by Planning Minister Mirna Llievano, who said the project contains provisions to rebuild infrastructure and relaunch economic activity in areas worst hit by the fighting, which killed 70,000 people.

It would also help consolidate democratic institutions and finance the return to civilian life of fighters in the 12-year civil war, which ended with peace accords last month.

The Lisbon meeting was held in preparation for a World Bank conference scheduled for March 23 in Washington, where donors are expected to pledge aid to El Salvador.

Pacas Castro said he was encouraged by the response he received from the EC during a two-day meeting between EC and Central American foreign ministers that concluded Tuesday.

EC ministers pledged to give high priority to aid to El Salvador. Community officials said EC aid could reach $63 million this year.

El Salvador's President Alfredo Cristiani said Monday in Washington the U.S. administration will ask Congress to approve $250 million dollars for the reconstruction fund.

The U.S. gave more than $1 billion in military aid to the Salvadoran government during the war against guerrillas of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front.

The FMLN has contested the government's reconstruction plan, claiming that it neglected humanitarian aid and concentrates too much on infrastucture.

Mrs. Llievano said the government had opened consultations with the FMLN to seek consensus on the plan.