We all have our own opinions

September 28, 2018

Because the implications of a recent letter are so misleading, and its contents so egregiously at odds with my views and those of my family, I must clarify. My grandson, John Block, who wrote a My View (“Change, prosperity for New Mexico,” Sept. 25), is entitled to his own political opinions, but not to directly or indirectly attribute the same opinions to my deceased husband or to me, as has been done. I do not condone my grandson’s endorsement of three Republican candidates in these races.

I am a very private person who values family, friends and faith above all else. My political views are secondary, and I refrain from expressing them publicly. During my 57 years in the House, I established many lifelong friendships with Democrats and Republicans. These friendships were created during a time when decency, equality, fairness, kindness and, above all, trust reigned.

Eloisa Block

former N.M. House

assistant chief clerk

for 57 years

Santa Fe

Keep celebrating

After reading Diana Montoya Capshaw’s My View (“Should we celebrate the Fourth of July?” Sept. 23), I agreed with the points she made. Despite that, I still believe that we should celebrate Independence Day for the simple fact that it is part of our national heritage.

The Declaration of Independence is a time capsule of the period in which it was written, and it remains one of the boldest documents in history. It started this country, but it was the Constitution that led us where we wanted to go.

G. Gideon Rojas

Santa Fe

So proud

I’m so proud of our Santa Fe Fire Department firefighters and their caring hearts (“Keeping the memory alive,” Sept. 12). I attended the 9/11 memorial ceremony on the Plaza, along with two students from St. Michael’s High School. We were moved by the event. Leroy Lopez, chaplain and fire engineer with the Santa Fe Fire Department, offered a wonderful prayer, and Capt. Jason Arwood’s tribute to those who lost their lives trying to save their fellow man was equally moving. He reminded us of how we pulled together as a nation and came together to help each other at a horrific time in our history. We must never forget that day.

We were also moved by the stories we heard that morning, and when the bagpipes played, “Amazing Grace.” Thank you for trying to help us all remember.

Joni Brenneisen

Santa Fe

McCain’s legacy

Robert Baroody’s letter (“Reason to vote,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 20) asks, responding to Sally Raisbeck’s letter (“Lessons from the John McCain funeral,” Sept. 15), “… why should Americans be concerned with the lives of ‘the other,’ especially those with darker skins?” after stating, “McCain was a man who never saw a war he didn’t like.”

John and Cindy McCain adopted a black baby from an orphanage in Bangladesh. She gave a reading at her father’s funeral.

Camille Morrison

Santa Fe

Management 101

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s extended stories regarding mismanagement of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society on two consecutive days certainly got the point across (“Three insider deals draw scrutiny,” Sept. 24; “Saving lives, bleeding cash,” Sept. 23). The board was unaware of board management 101 rules — really? They are: Never loan, lease, buy or sell from the organization to board members; conduct outside professional audits; and, when in doubt, seek advice or precedent.

The Council on Foundations has help and national standards for foundation boards. There are Santa Fe foundations that could have been consulted in regard to board practices. The former board seemed to have acted in a willfully negligent, entitled and uninformed manner. What comes next?

Barbara Belding

Santa Fe

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