Livestock program develops future leaders

November 20, 2018

KANSAS CITY - The livestock market business is ever changing, and changes in technology and convenience to livestock producers have impacted the way livestock are marketed.

Tom Frey, President of the Livestock Marketing Association Board tells News Talk WJAG the trade and sale of livestock has been a fixture throughout history; helping to shape the way people live and the growth of the United States.

Frey says as he personally transitions his business to the next generation, seminars on developing future leaders are very beneficial.

“It’s something I would’ve loved to have 40 years ago. Just to know what they’re getting into with all the regulations and day to day things that happen at a market. We’ve had 15 to 20 young people the last two years go through it. It’s a two year program.”

Frey says being involved with the Livestock Marketing Association has helped him prepare the transition as well, by being able to travel the country and visit with others in the industry.

Frey was a part of the National Association of Farm Broadcaster’s Convention in Kansas City.

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