Letters To The Editor 10/9/2018

October 9, 2018


Divide faith, politics

Editor: Patrick Umbra (“Wagner pro-life,” Sept. 20) asks, “Where do the gubernatorial candidates stand on the issue of life?”

Umbra equates his values as everyone else’s and by extension dictates what our values should be, according to him. How dare he.

Voters who feel abortion is wrong because of religious beliefs and try to get politicians to make laws against it are against the Constitution. The separation of church and state is written into the Constitution. I, as a veteran, vowed to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. I will defend the Constitution against people who want to impose their religious beliefs. Those who don’t believe in God and would dictate how people should live their lives are also against the Constitution. I will defend the Constitution against them also.

I dislike abortion, but feel I cannot and will not dictate to other human beings how they should conduct their lives. It is wrong-headed to do so and worse politically.

“I don’t want my taxes to pay for abortions” is a typical statement made by abortion opponents as to why Planned Parenthood be defunded. Well, I don’t want my taxes paying for the undermining or overthrow of foreign governments and I don’t want my tax money spent on illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are dead. Our business is complete in those countries. Bring everyone home.

But taxes are still funneled into these endeavors. So, I guess it’s tough turkey, chew harder.

I am so sick of people trying to force religion into politics that it makes me angry. Read the Bible and learn something instead of cherry-picking what you want to regurgitate in order to try to dictate how people, in your view, are supposed to live.




Chrin’s deception

Editor: In 2012, a friend asked me to attend a political rally in our hometown, Dupont, for then-candidate Matt Cartwright. As I listened to him, he talked about the pro bono legal work he and his wife had done.

He spoke with compassion and concern for his fellow citizens. Someone at my table said, “If he stands up for working people, he’s got my vote.” He won us over. He took the time out of his busy schedule to attend my friend’s funeral Mass three years later. I appreciated his loyalty and continue to support him, as would my friend if he were still here.

I am outraged at the lying, slimy, mudslinging TV ads by John Chrin, Cartwright’s Republican challenger in this upcoming election. For example, Chrin was caught on video stating that he favors cutting Social Security benefits. Then he runs his own TV ad saying he won’t cut Social Security and that Cartwright will.

Chrin claims that Cartwright voted favorably on illegal immigration in 2012, a blatant lie since he wasn’t yet in Congress. Chrin’s handlers must have realized the error and removed the date yet continue to run the same ad.

Lies and mean-spirited name-calling are Chrin’s approach, the latter a classic bullying tactic used on Dupont street corners growing up.

We knew back then how to handle bullies and Chrin wouldn’t cut it in our hometown, then or now.

Mark Twain said that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. The truth is wearing its shoes and will guide voters to send Chrin’s carpetbagging candidacy back to his hometown in New Jersey.




Kavanaugh backlash

Editor: Sen. Bob Casey, an incumbent Democrat, has pledged allegiance to the Democratic Party that has sought to obstruct democracy, from opposing Supreme Court nominees to fighting against tax cuts.

Hillary Clinton said the democracy in America is in a state of crisis.

Indeed it is.

The attempted implication of an impeccable new Supreme Court justice outs the motives of a party that resolved to defeat the nominee. Let’s hear it all. Casey should have voted yes on nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He may lose his seat.




Turn Wolf away

Editor: For three years with Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania has not had a budget signed nor a budget on time due to lack of goodwill in negotiations with Republicans.

He signed the 2018 budget in a re-election year before proving he would allow Pennsylvania to suffer for months on end in his first three years in office without proper funding for services.

Unemployment in Pennsylvania is higher than the national average and the economy has record levels of investment. Investment by the private sector in Pennsylvania is slower than states with less regulation, better business climates with a focus on keeping, attracting and creating sustainable private-sector jobs in a booming economy. Wolf lacks leadership qualities and vision for the future.

He was ushered into office on a lie that state education funding was cut. In fact, federal stimulus dollars ran out. Zero dollars were cut from the state’s funding of education.

Wolf increased education spending and didn’t stop anyone’s school property taxes from being raised. His increased funding is to offset rises in the astronomical and broken Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System.

Wolf has accomplished less than his predecessor, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett did, while Wolf lies about where this education funding truly goes. His prerogative is a quid pro quo with union supporters who have contributed millions to his campaign while in office.

It is time Pennsylvania had a governor who will fight the Harrisburg establishment, grow our economy, create and keep jobs while providing necessary pension reform in Harrisburg to combat the education crisis. It has been eight straight years with a governor named Tom and it is time for Pennsylvania to have one with another first name.



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