Next Generation 911 system implementation put on hold

August 2, 2018

DeKALB – The plan to upgrade DeKalb County’s 911 system to allow text messages was rejected by the state.

Glenna Johnson presented the update on the approval process during the county’s Enhanced 911 Board meeting Wednesday. She said the filed plan included a vendor for the system’s network that would be using a contractor that was not authorized by the state, which was the basis of the state’s rejection.

Either the contractor gets certified and the Next Generation 911 plan gets resubmitted to the state as is, Johnson said, or the county finds a new network provider that is already certified with the state.

“We’re still looking at our options,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the county would be the first out of 11 Illinois counties to make the upgrade to the E911 system. She has said the next step after enabling text messages to the county’s 911 system would be to add the ability for residents to send photos and live video streams to 911, but that’s still down the road.

Johnson said the rejection could set things back between one and three months.

She said she should be getting additional quotes from other network providers by the end of the week.

Johnson said it’s still unclear when the NG911 system will fully replace the current E911 system, which was first implemented in the county in 1993.

“That’s all unknown until we get approval from the state,” Johnson said.

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