SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ Software maker Avant! Corp. was ordered Thursday to pay $182 million in restitution to a competing firm to settle one of Silicon Valley's longest-running trade-secret theft cases.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Conrad Rushing ordered the company to pay Cadence Design Systems for stealing source code for routing software.

Eight Avant company officials, including its chief executive, have pleaded no contest to felony trade-secret theft charges. Cadence was seeking $700 million.

The restitution was part of Santa Clara County's criminal case against Avant.

The officials pleaded no contest in May as attorneys were selecting a jury for a case that has dogged the Fremont, Calif.-based software company for five years.

A raid of Avant's offices in 1995 led to an indictment against the company and eight of its executives. Santa Clara County prosecutors alleged they stole source code from their former employer, Cadence, starting in 1991 and then used some of it in products marketed by Avant between 1993 and 1998.

The case is People v. Avant, 210570.