2018 Biggest Loser winner helps colleagues be ‘losers’

January 7, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – Brian Kress is using some of the techniques he learned in the 2018 Florence’s Biggest Loser competition to help his coworkers get into shape.

In July of 2018, shortly after he won the Biggest Loser award for most percentage of weight lost, Kress was transferred by his company to Jacksonville, North Carolina. He had always planned to continue working out and staying in shape after the competition, and so he was looking for workout partners.

“I actually have a couple of coworkers that I’ve encouraged to come with me,” Kress said. “Some of the things I learned in the Biggest Loser, I’ve been able to share with them and help them get back into shape and whatnot. So, it’s been good to help some people.”

He said helping his coworkers was gratifying, as was finding partners to work out with.

Kress lost 50.8 pounes last year and won the $500 prize for the most percentage of weight lost.

The biggest challenge for Kress has been to keep his healthy eating habits.

“That’s where the challenge comes in,” Kress said. “I was pretty strict with what I ate during the competition, and I slacked off a little bit after, but overall I’ve stayed in pretty good shape.”

He also said he changed his workout routine to a more muscle-building one. He said he usually goes to the gym three or four times a week.

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