Show crossing guards holiday courtesy -- Patti Knoche and Virginia Kravik

November 22, 2018

On a recent drive down Mineral Point Road in Madison, I encountered vehicles stopping for a dozen turkeys crossing mid-block. We have all seen this countless times around the city as well as drivers stopping for ducks, dogs, deer and other wildlife.

While I do appreciate this act of kindness, I wonder why so many drivers stop for these animals and yet so many drivers do not stop for our adult crossing guards at schools who hold stop signs and wear high-visibility uniforms.

Please show as much courtesy to our adult crossing guards by stopping and remaining stopped when asked to do so. Please patiently wait for the crossing guard and the pedestrians or students to reach the curb before driving through the crosswalk.

Let’s help our crossing guards and kids stay safe every day. This holiday season, we are grateful for our wonderful crossing guards and all of you who support them by driving safely.

Patti Knoche and Virginia Kravik, Madison Police Department, crossing guard supervisors

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