Recycling could return to Ohio in 2019

November 16, 2018

Area residents drop off recycling on Oct. 30 in South Point, Ohio.

IRONTON — Recycling services could return for residents of Lawrence and Scioto counties by Jan. 2, according to Lawrence County Commissioner Bill Pratt.

The Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste District halted recycling services in the two counties last month after Republic Services stopped providing the service because it was losing money, Pratt said.

Rumpke submitted the only bid for 2019, but it was about $200,000 higher than the district was paying to maintain 38 recycling sites in the two counties (17 in Lawrence County and 21 in Scioto County).

Dan Palmer, the district’s director, negotiated with Rumpke to get the costs down to about $100,000 over the prior contract, Pratt said Tuesday following a meeting of Scioto and Lawrence county commissioners.

A final decision hasn’t been made about where the new recycling bins will be located, Pratt said.

Residents in West Virginia and Kentucky were taking advantage of the recycling bins in Lawrence and Scioto counties, Pratt said.

Residents in the two counties currently pay $16 per year for recycling services, he said.

“We will eliminate some of the sites,” Pratt said.

Lawrence County Commissioner DeAnna Holliday said 18 of the recycling bins are being eliminated due to higher costs.

“I’m disappointed,” she said. “It was the best we could do. It’s important that this service continue. Jan. 2 is the tentative date for service to return.”

“Recycling is not a profitable venture for anyone right now,” Pratt said. “It’s a global problem. We just hope the prices for recyclable materials will increase over time.”

The price for recycled materials is at an eight-year low, Holliday said.

The solid waste district accepted paper, aluminum cans, steel cans and plastic bottles at the sites in recent years.

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