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State Announces Dates For First Elections Since 1981 Coup

October 14, 1988

ACCRA, Ghana (AP) _ The government announced the first local elections since a 1981 military coup will be held in three stages beginning in December.

The government also said general elections will be in 1992.

Emmanuel Haizel, secretary of the National Commission for Democracy, said Wednesday the country has been divided into three zones for the balloting, with elections scheduled Dec. 6, Jan. 31 and Feb. 28.

Local and general elections in the former British colony of Gold Coast were last held in June 1979. The Peoples’ National Party won the general elections and Hilla Limann became president.

Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings toppled Limann’s administration in a coup Dec. 31, 1981, set up a Provisional National Defense Council and banned political parties.

In 1957, Ghana became the first British colony in Africa to gain independence. Its three civilian and four military governments since 1957 have ended in coups.

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