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February 19, 1991

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) _ Chicago White Sox outfielder Sammy Sosa was barred from leaving the Dominican Republic on Tuesday after his wife accused him of beating her, hitting her on the head with a rum bottle and threatening to kill her.

District prosecutor Jose Leonardo Duran Fajardo issued the order against in response to a complaint by Sosa’s wife, Karenlie Bright, who alleged he attacked her after she refused him a divorce.

She also accused Sosa of abandoning her with a $1,600 hotel bill for which she was arrested and fined $2,200.

Bright said the alleged attack occurred last November when she joined her husband in Santo Domingo, where he was playing during the off-season.

Sosa left Bright to pay their bill for several weeks’ stay at the Hotel Hispaniola, the complaint stated.

The hotel evicted Bright on Feb. 2 because of the unpaid bill, seized her belongings and had her arrested. She said she spent two days in custody before being fined and released.

The order against Sosa is to remain in effect until a judge rules on the complaint. No date was set for a hearing.

The outfielder lives 45 miles from the capital and could not be located Tuesday.


TORONTO (AP) - Serge Savard was stunned to learn that he had been named co- manager of the Canadian team in the Canada Cup hockey tournament in August.

″It’s news to me,″ the Montreal Canadiens general manager said Monday night when told tournament organizer Alan Eagleson had announced earlier in the day that Savard and the Chicago Blackhawks’ Mike Keenan would share the duty of putting together the Canadian team for the six-country competition.

″I’ve not been asked,″ Savard said in an interview from Montreal. ″It’s going to be hard for me. I’m on the (NHL) player-owner committee and I might be too busy this summer with the new collective bargaining agreement coming up. Unless we solve that problem fast, I don’t know if I’ll have the time.″

Eagleson had made the Savard-Keenan announcement in an interview with The Canadian Press following a news conference in Saskatoon where he confirmed that two tournament games and four exhibition matches would be held in the Saskatchewan city.

Upon returning Monday night to Toronto, Eagleson said Savard hadn’t been formally approached, but it was his understanding that Keenan had made the offer to Savard.

″It’s Mike’s decision,″ said Eagleson, ″Maybe Serge is too busy, I don’t know.


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Emmis Broadcasting Corp., owned by Seattle Mariners owner Jeff Smulyan, is having financial problems.

The company lost a record $22.9 million last fiscal year on sales of $94.7 million. Long-term debt at the end of that year stood at $224 million with interest payments eating up 30 cents of every dollar the company took in.

Emmis has sold nearly 30 percent of its radio stations, is seeking to sell more and last year the company also slashed Smulyan’s total compensation by $1 million.

Despite these efforts, the Indianapolis-based company remains in poor financial health. Moody’s Investors Service, the credit rating firm, has downgraded Emmis’ bonds to ″Caa″ and now considers them to be ″poor″ investments that may have ″elements of danger with respect to principal or interest.″

But, Smulyan remains optimistic.

″Emmis can survive,″ he said in an interview reported Tuesday by The Indianapolis Star. He said the company had shaved about $40 million from its debt and cut losses at a time when the radio industry is being hit with a slowdown.

″Compared to everybody else out there,″ he said, ″I think we’ve done a darn good job.″

Smulyan owns just under 60 percent of the company.


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut basketball coach Jim Calhoun is lending his popularity to the fight against child abuse in a 30-second television spot entitled ″They Can’t Bounce Back.″

In the public service announcement, Calhoun bounces a basketball three times, each time listing a setback that children can overcome - a skinned knee, a bad report card, or a schoolyard insult.

On the fourth bounce, the basketball shatters like glass on the hardwood.

″But one thing they can’t bounce back from is constant physical or emotional abuse from someone they love,″ Calhoun says.

He then urges viewers to report suspected child abuse to a toll-free hot- line run by the state Department of Children and Youth Services.


MOSCOW (AP) - The drug test administered to figure skater Marina Klimova at the European championships ″was a mistake,″ a Soviet sports official charged Tuesday.

Vasily Gromyko, a deputy sports minister, also said the test in Sofia, Bulgaria last month was flawed.

″The Sofia anti-doping laboratory is not accredited at the IOC Medical Commission,″ he said.

He also said a Bulgarian doctor sealed the urine sample used in the test, though only an International Skating Union representative could do that.

″A crude violation of the confidential character of the analysis was committed in making public its result,″ Gromyko said.

Klimova said she ″was stunned″ when she heard that the test showed a steroid in her system.

If a second test is positive, Klimova faces a two-year ban from competition and would miss the 1992 Olympics.