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UK terror suspect had ‘Plan A’ document

October 15, 2014

LONDON (AP) — Police found a checklist-style document labeled “Plan A” in the home of a suspect accused of plotting a terrorist attack in Britain, a prosecutor told a semi-secret trial in London Wednesday.

Erol Incedal is charged with preparing a terrorist act and possessing bomb-making instructions. He denies the charges.

Prosecutors say the 26-year-old Londoner may have been planning indiscriminate Mumbai-style shootings or to attack a “significant” individual. The address of former Prime Minister Tony Blair was found in his car.

Prosecutor Richard Whittam said police found a document headed “Plan A” atop a wardrobe in a bedroom at Incedal’s home after he was arrested in October 2013.

It listed “three to four workers, two tennis (rackets), one month’s surveillance, rent nearby flat, transport, assess security, assess risk, legitimacy, action etc.”

Incedal lived in the apartment with his wife and three children. He also rented another London apartment, and police found evidence several people were living there.

Investigators found multiple toothbrushes and pairs of shoes, Nicholas Cage movies and other Hollywood DVDs, and a laptop that prosecutors say contained messages with coded versions of the words “Mumbai-style” and “Kalashnikov.”

Prosecutors had sought to have the trial held in secret on the grounds of national security, a move legal experts said would be unprecedented in a British criminal case. After a challenge from media organizations, a judge ruled that some sections should be held in public, including part of the prosecution’s opening statement and the verdict.

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