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Man Offers To Trade House For Kidney to Save His Son

March 5, 1986

CATANIA, Sicily (AP) _ A Sicilian man has offered his house to a northern Italian family desperately seeking a dwelling, in exchange for a kidney to save his son’s life, a Sicilian newspaper reported Thursday.

In response to an advertisement in a Treviso newspaper which read, ″I offer a kidney in exchange for a house to rent,″ Giuseppe Antona, of Licata, near Agrigento on Sicily’s southwest coast, said he would gladly make the trade, the daily La Sicilia reported.

Vincenzo Agnoletto, 44, was quoted last week by the Rome daily, La Repubblica, as saying he had become so desperate in his futile search for a home for his wife and two children that as a last resort he had made the offer of a kidney.

Antona told the newspaper he doubted Agnoletto would move to Sicily, but said he would sell the house and give him the money if the available kidney turned out to be right for his 6-year-old son, Gioacchino. The boy is the next-to-youngest of eight children, the newspaper said.

Responding to Antona’s suggestion, Agnoletto was quoted by the news agency ANSA as saying, ″The offer from Licata has greatly moved me, and deserves the greatest respect. I will take it into serious consideration.″

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