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Man Vows To Continue Mailbox Protest

July 14, 1994

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) _ A man has rechained himself to a mailbox to keep a neighbor from moving it, and this time he says he’s not budging until he gets his way.

″I’m not going to give it up,″ Daniel Peace said Wednesday, sitting in a lawn chair next to the mailbox with an umbrella and a poncho as a heavy rainstorm rolled through.

Peace, 54, chained his arm and leg to the mailbox last week but ended the protest after postal officials agreed to discuss the mailbox placement. He rechained himself Monday after he failed to hear from postal officials.

He unchains himself only to go inside to sleep for a few hours and for bathroom breaks. The mailbox, which sports a wooden cow and meadow scene, has been standing on the same spot for more than 50 years.

The mailbox is owned by Sue Bratton, who lives with Peace. However, it is on a city right of way, across the street from her house and in front of Kermit Akers’ home.

Akers wants to move the mailbox 14 feet down the street so he can pave his gravel driveway and create more parking space. But Ms. Bratton said moving it would make it less accessible.

Ms. Bratton is willing to move the mailbox in front of her house. But postal authorities said mailboxes are confined to one side of the street because it’s easier for postal carriers to deliver mail.

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