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An ABC News broadcast today said hijacking hostage Simon Grossmayer had

June 28, 1985

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ An ABC News broadcast today said hijacking hostage Simon Grossmayer had been freed for health reasons. But the 57-year-old American later was found having lunch with Shiite Moslem leader Nabih Berri and told a reporter he was not free to leave the house.

An ABC News correspondent, in a report on ″Good Morning America,″ had said Grossmayer - one of 39 TWA passengers held hostage by the Shiites - was freed and that his release was announced at Berri’s office.

Grossmayer told AP reporter Samir Ghattas, ″I certainly hope to go home soon.″ But he said he had not yet been released.

In an earlier ABC-TV interview, hostage Allyn Conwell of Houston said he and Grossmayer and the Rev. James McLoughlin of Geneva, Ill., were meeting with Berri because of concern ″about possible fragileness of Simon Grossmayer’s condition.″

Grossmayer, of Algonquin, Ill., who has only one lung and is on medication, said in a live telephone interview with ABC that he was feeling well.

″I want to say one thing,″ he said. ″My daughter is expecting. And I was wondering if I could pass the word to her that I’m OK.″

Grossmayer’s wife, Elaine, said he sounded ″all right. There again, maybe he’s a little tired because he does tire because of his problem.″

Another hostage, Jimmy Dell Palmer, 48, of Little Rock, Ark., was freed Wednesday because of high blood pressure and heart problems.

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