FULTON City sells 10 acres to local car, trailer dealer

November 30, 2018

FULTON — The city is selling 10 acres in the southwest corner of the Industrial Park on U.S. Route 30 to an auto and trailer dealer for $85,120.

Drake Chase, owner of 3D Trailer and Auto Sales, wants to build a large delivery center and sales office building on the site. The expansion could add several more jobs.

He will have 180 days to get a building permit and 90 days after that to start construction, which must be completed in a year, City Administrator Randy Boonstra told the Clinton (Iowa) Herald Monday.

“He’s got a growing business,” Boonstra said. “Just amazing the amount of trailers the guy’s moved through there. And they do a lot of work right now moving trailers around to try and get them out for sale. So we talked over the last few months and he’s interested in having a lot more property, a lot more space.”

The city discounted the sales price to compensate Chase for the cost to add a private well and septic system, and agreed to build an access road to the property from Fourth Street, which will will be done by city workers and cost about $2,000.

“That road, we hope, will also be the start of a road that will have other businesses moving into the Industrial Park,” Boonstra has said.

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