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LETTER: ‘We are ... close to voting ourselves into extinction’

Staff WriterMay 19, 2019

We are a capitalist nation. For almost 240 years our citizens have created businesses and industries, farms and ranches, inventions and creations, all focused on the generation of earned profits shared among owners and workers. From those profits, taxes have been taken to support our military as well as other federal, state and local governmental entities, including public schools and the police and fire departments. None of these public-supported elements create any marketable good or service. Public employees are net-tax revenue receivers, not net-tax payers.

Over the past three generations, the fraction of workers in the net-tax paying category has shrunk while the public sector, tax-consuming portion has grown enormously. But, every citizen has a right to vote on public policies whether he or she is a net-tax payer or a net-tax consumer. Is it any wonder we now see one of our political parties suggesting that all monies should be equally distributed among the citizenry, regardless of the contribution made to the wealth of the nation? I guess we aren’t supposed to be concerned that when the profit incentive is banished that farmers may decide to grow only enough to feed themselves and their families.

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