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TV-DAVID SCHWIMMER — It's TV love for David Schwimmer, Debra Messing on "Will & Grace." SENT: 100 words, photo.

JOLIE-PITT DIVORCE — Brad Pitt says he has given Jolie Pitt millions since split. SENT: 410 words, photo.

MARGOT KIDDER-SUICIDE — "Superman" actress Margot Kidder's death ruled a suicide. SENT: 560 words, photo.

LEMONADE STAND STICKUP — Deputies: Arrest made in lemonade stand stickup. SENT: 310 words, photo.

OBIT-LYLE — Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle dies after long cancer battle. SENT: 800 words, photos.

BOOKS-POTTER AUDIO — Audiobook coming out this fall will reveal influences behind the wizardry of Harry Potter. SENT: 130 words, photo.

OFFICER SHOT-WAFFLE HOUSE — Police: Officer, suspect shot outside Florida Waffle House. SENT: 160 words.

MARILYN MONROE AUCTION — Marilyn Monroe dresses, personal photos going up for auction. SENT 250 words, photos.




TRUMP-RUSSIA PROBE-MANFORT — Prosecutors in Paul Manafort's fraud trial are expected to detail how they say the former Trump campaign chairman carried out a bank fraud scheme as they turn to their final eight witnesses. SENT: 1000 words. UPCOMING: Developing from 9:30 a.m. resumption of trial, 900 words by 5 p.m., photos.

TRUMP-SPACE FORCE —Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the Pentagon to lay out the Trump administration's plan for a Space Force, a new military service President Donald Trump says is needed to ensure American dominance in space. The idea has gained little traction with the military so far. Defense chief Jim Mattis has said it would add burdensome bureaucracy and unwanted costs. UPCOMING: Developing from 11:15 remarks at Pentagon, 600 words by 3 p.m., photo.

GROUND GAME-ARIZONA — Arizona is a political rarity this year: one of the few places where Democrats have any hope of flipping a Republican Senate seat. SENT: 980 words, photo.




PUERTO RICO-HURRICANE MARIA — Puerto Rico has conceded that Hurricane Maria killed more than 1,400 people on the island last year and not just the 64 in the official death toll. SENT: 130 words, photo.

ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS — Israeli warplanes strike dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip and three people are reported killed there, while Palestinian militants from the territory fire scores of rockets into Israel in a fierce burst of violence overnight and into the morning. SENT: 900 words, photos.

ARGENTINA ABORTION — Argentina's Senate on Thursday rejected a bill to legalize elective abortion, a defeat for a grassroots movement that came closer than ever to achieving the decriminalization of the procedure in the homeland of Pope Francis. SENT: 1,020 words, photos.

ZIMBABWE-ELECTIONS — Senior Zimbabwean opposition official Tendai Biti is deported from Zambia in defiance of a court order after being refused asylum, his Zambian lawyer says, as fears grow about a government crackdown after Zimbabwe's disputed election. SENT: 630 words, photo.

ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS — Israeli warplanes strike dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip and three people are reported killed there, while Palestinian militants from the territory fire scores of rockets into Israel in a fierce burst of violence. SENT: 900 words, photos. With ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-THE LATEST.

YEMEN — An airstrike blamed on the Saudi-led coalition fighting Shiite rebels in Yemen hits a bus in a busy market in the country's north, killing at least 20 people, including children, Yemeni tribal leaders says. SENT: 620 words. With SAUDI ARABIA-YEMEN — Saudi Arabia: Fragments of missile from Yemeni rebels kill one.




CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES-DIRTY AIR — A dull haze and the faint smell of smoke has blanketed California's capital region for days, causing local soccer clubs to cancel practice and summer camps to keep kids inside — even though the biggest wildfires are more than 150 miles away. Public health and air quality experts say the smoke drifting over Sacramento and other cities is lasting for a longer stretch than normal as some of the biggest wildfires in state history rage. SENT: 740 words, photos and video.

US COMPOUND SEARCH-CHILDREN REMOVED — A mystery surrounds the father of a missing Georgia boy who amassed a cache of weapons, set up a makeshift compound in an isolated region of northern New Mexico near the Colorado border and allegedly trained 11 children for planned school shootings. The man is the son of well-known Imam whose mosque in Brooklyn has attracted radical speakers over the years. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

IMMIGRATION-SERVICE DISCHARGES — The U.S. Army has stopped discharging immigrant recruits who enlisted seeking a path to citizenship — at least temporarily. SENT: 700 words, photos.

SMALL DAIRIES FIGHT BACK — Small family operated dairy farms with cows freely grazing on verdant pastures are going out business as large confined animal operations with thousands of animals lined up in assembly-line fashion are expanding into the organic market. SENT: 860 words, photos.

NEVADA-EXECUTION — A Nevada death-row inmate whose execution has been postponed twice tells AP a legal fight over his fate is taking a tortuous toll on him and his family and he just wants his sentence carried out. By Ken Ritter. SENT: 550 words, photos.

WAREHOUSE PARTY FIRE — Two men will be sentenced to prison time on dozens of counts of involuntary manslaughter in an Oakland, California, warehouse fire that killed 36 partygoers at an unlicensed concert. SENT: 450 words, photos. UPCOMING: Court begins at 12:30 p.m.




SINCLAIR TRIBUNE TERMINATED — Tribune Media is ending its $3.9 billion deal with Sinclair Broadcast and has filed a lawsuit against the company, citing breach of contract. The two companies had until midnight Wednesday to call the deal off and had been facing tough regulatory challenges. SENT, 478 words, photo.

ALBERTSONS RITE AID DEAL — Drugstore chain Rite Aid and grocer Albertsons say they have called off their merger deal. Rite Aid CEO John Standley says that after hearing the views of shareholders, the company is "committed to moving forward and executing our strategic plan as a standalone company." SENT, 479 words, photo.




US-MED-DEAR DOCTOR-OPIOIDS, HFR — In a novel experiment, a county medical examiner sent pointed letters to doctors when their patient died of a drug overdose. The result: They started prescribing fewer opioids. By Medical Writer Carla K. Johnson. UPCOMING: 600 words, photos for release at 2 p.m.




SOC-EPL-BEFORE IT WENT GLOBAL — The English Premier League wasn't always a global beast, easily followed in real-time on broadcasts and online in multiple time-zones. SENT: 760 words, photos.




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