State Patrol to conduct aerial enforcement on I-39/90

August 2, 2018

The Wisconsin State Patrol is conducting aerial enforcement along Interstate 39-90 from Madison to Beloit.

Speeders or motorists using a cell phone on Interstate 39-90 could be caught breaking the law, not by a State Patrol car, but from above.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said it will monitor traffic from above by conducting aerial enforcement along the stretch of Interstate from Madison to Beloit.

That section of I-39/90 is currently being expanded as part of a large reconstruction project. The project should be completed sometime in 2021.

The State Patrol said fines and punishments for careless driving and speeding in work zones — which will be part of the aerial enforcement — are more severe.

Talking on a cell phone in a work zone can mean a $40 fine for first offenses and $100 for subsequent violations, the State Patrol said.

Speeding fines and demerit points can double. Fines can be up to $600 and $1,200 for a second violation within a year.

In addition, careless drivers can be fined up to $700 and face three and a half years in prison for injuring someone in a work zone.

“Motorists are urged to be alert, obey the posted speed limit, and eliminate distractions when driving,” the State Patrol said.

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