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Feud May Have Led to Vietnamese Restaurant Shooting

November 19, 1985

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (AP) _ Rival gangs quarreling over girlfriends were responsible for a shooting in which two people were killed and four others were wounded at a Vietnamese restaurant, a community leader says.

Police said Monday they have no suspects and no firm motive for the weekend shooting, but a Vietnamese newspaper editor said the gunfire at the My Nguyen Restaurant was the work of two groups of young men.

Yen Do of the Nguoi Viet newspaper, basing his account on interviews with eyewitnesses and friends of both groups, said gunmen trying to ″impress girls and act macho″ were involved.

″We don’t know which group fired the first shots,″ Do said. ″The young men had gotten into an argument while dancing. The first group left the dance and the second went looking for the first. They met at the restaurant.″

The victims belonged to different groups but ″they knew each other,″ Do said. ″They were caught up in a quarrel involving females and they acted like tough guys on TV.″

Do said he used the word ″group″ rather than ″gang″ because the victims did not have criminal records.

Police at first said the shooting might have been a gangland attack, but Sgt. Bruce Beauchamp later said investigators had been unable to link the victims with any known Vietnamese gang operating in Southern California.

″We generally have three different theories,″ Detective Ron Shave said. ″We’ll proceed with all three.″

While declining to elaborate on those theories, Shave did say investigators believe the gunmen, described as three young Asians, ″apparently had an objective and we’re trying to sort out what that objective was.″

Police said they have been hampered in their investigation because many witnesses left after the shooting.

″There were 100 to 120 people in the restaurant when it happened,″ Beauchamp said ″When we arrived, there were only about two dozen left.

″We need some people who are willing to come forward to help us straighten out all the various versions we’re getting of what occurred.″

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