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Man Held Without Bond in Baylor Slaying

July 22, 2003

CHESTERTOWN, Md. (AP) _ The roommate of missing Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy was ordered held without bail on a murder charge Tuesday, and his lawyers opposed his extradition to Texas.

Carlton Dotson Jr. was arrested Monday on a warrant obtained by police in Waco, Texas, where both men attended Baylor University, said Police Chief Walter T. Coryell.

Kent County Deputy State’s Attorney Joseph Flanagan said Dotson ``made strong self-incriminating statements″ when he talked to FBI agents on Monday.

Dotson told a reporter outside the courthouse Monday: ``I didn’t confess to anything.″

Police in Texas said they were narrowing their search for the body.

Flanagan told the judge at Tuesday’s bail hearing that the charge Dotson faced _ murder with intended death _ was a capital offense in Texas.

Dotson, 21, was questioned for at least two hours Monday by three FBI agents from the Annapolis field office, Coryell said. A Waco police detective also was present.

Shortly after the questioning, Waco police called for Dotson’s arrest and obtained the warrant.

An extradition hearing was set for within 30 days after the defense refused to waive the right to such a hearing and allow the Maryland man’s immediate transfer to Texas.

Defense attorney Purcell Luke said the decision not to waive extradition was ``a strategic move.″ Luke would not comment Tuesday on whether Dotson had confessed to killing Dennehy.

Waco police Sgt. Ryan Holt told The Dallas Morning News that Dotson confessed to killing Dennehy and described a location where Dennehy’s body might be found. He told the newspaper that police searched there Monday night, but would not elaborate. He said the department would not comment further until a news conference scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities had a ``general location″ to search in McLennan County, which includes Waco, based on their interviews with Dotson, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Tuesday, citing law enforcement sources in Texas and Maryland.

``Carlton, if you know where our son is, please let us know,″ Dennehy’s mother, Valorie Brabazon, said Tuesday on ABC’s ``Good Morning America.″ She said she still feels ``that my son is out there somewhere alive.″

According to an earlier search warrant affidavit, an unidentified informant reported to Delaware authorities that Dotson told a cousin he shot Dennehy as the two argued while shooting 9 mm guns in the Waco area.

Dotson’s relatives have told authorities that Dennehy’s body is ``buried in a large body of water,″ the Tribune-Herald reported, citing a source close to the investigation.

Dotson came to Chestertown, about 55 miles from his hometown of Hurlock, on Sunday and Coryell said he used his cell phone to call 911. Police said they weren’t sure why he came to Chestertown.

When officers arrived, Dotson told them he ``needed counseling″ and was hearing voices, Coryell said.

The officers took him to a hospital, where he was evaluated but not admitted. While still at the hospital Monday afternoon, Dotson asked to speak with FBI agents, authorities said.

Calls to the FBI were not returned late Monday.

Dennehy’s girlfriend, Jessica De La Rosa, held back tears Monday night after she learned Dotson was charged with killing him.

``I was really, truly hoping in my heart that he was alive somewhere out there,″ said De La Rosa, 20, of Albuquerque, N.M. ``I was hoping maybe he’d be hiding.″

Dennehy’s vehicle was found June 25 in a strip mall parking lot in Virginia Beach, Va., where he had no apparent connections.

Friends say Dennehy told them that he and Dotson obtained guns because they were being threatened. The family of Dennehy, who grew up in the San Francisco area, also claimed the 6-foot-10, 230-pound forward told coaches he feared for his life.

Dotson lost his basketball scholarship this spring and was not expected to play at Baylor next season.


Associated Press writers Foster Klug, Kasey Jones and Randall Chase contributed to this story.

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