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Thieves Again Hit Anita Bryant’s Dress Shop Owner

June 24, 1985

SELMA, Ala. (AP) _ For the second time in three weeks, burglars stripped expensive blouses and dresses from a shop owned in part by entertainer Anita Bryant.

″They knew what they were after,″ said co-owner Gloria Crump.

Mrs. Crump said the pre-dawn break-in Saturday at The Wardrobe was the second in three weeks and the third since the store opened in 1981. The thieves gained entry by heaving a brick through a back window.

″I believe a woman must have been involved in this thing because only a woman could know the value of these things,″ Mrs. Crump said Saturday. ″I don’t think they had enough time to look at the price tags.″

She said the stolen items included sequined blouses and dresses which were priced in the $300 range.

Carolyn Suttle, a clerk at the store, said today that the inventory loss would total between $5,000 and $8,000.

She said police have not made any arrests but an investigation is continuing.

The shop was opened by Miss Bryant after the breakup of her 20-year marriage and her much-publicized remarks against gay rights. Although Miss Bryant moved to Atlanta several months ago, she still maintains a financial interest in the business.

Mrs. Crump said she does not feel Miss Bryant’s views and fame prompted the break-ins.

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