Woman survives nasty car accident in Katy, HCSO on the lookout for black pick-up

October 5, 2018

When Leticia Galicia posted photos to Facebook that showed her smashed-up car with skid marks nearly up to her driver side window after a hit and run, all she wanted to know was why.

The incident occurred on Thursday, Oct. 4 around 8:30 p.m. when Galicia was driving in her 2017 Volkswagon Passat exiting the Grand Parkway headed toward Interstate 10 toward Old Katy.

“All of a sudden I hear this loud noise/slam and I tried to keep my car in control because I started swerving, looking (through) the rear view mirror, fearing I would be hit by oncoming traffic,” she said. “ I saw the truck speeding away and noticed a rim cap rolling down the road. It wasn’t from my tires. I managed to reach the right side of the road, turned my emergency lights on and called the police. I was shaking…”

Galicia said she cannot clearly remember specifically any details about the truck except that it was a “huge, black pick-up with an elevated suspension.”

In the photos she posted to Facebook, skid marks show tires that went nearly as high up as her driver side window and that smashed her left driver side mirror.

She said a good Samaritan pulled up behind her after the incident to see if she was OK and also called 911. When the deputies arrived, “they were thoughtful and kind,” she said, adding that they helped her stay calm and focused on the fact that she was fine.

In her Facebook post, she said she wants the driver “to know that I am okay, I don’t understand why he/she didn’t stop. The fact that someone can just walk from this is very upsetting.”

Harris County Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland confirmed the incident occurred and said it would be transferred over to the vehicular crimes division.

Gilliland, who had not yet seen the report, said in cases where a license plate is caught, deputies will make contact with the offender. The owner-operator is reponsible for any damages to the vehicle, he added.

If a deputy is unable to make contact, then a demand letter is sent to them for the offender to contact an investigator, otherwise the Sheriff’s Office will present the case to the special crimes investigator without the offender’s side of the story, Gilliland said.

If the offender injured a person the traffic incident, they can be charged with third-degree felony, he said.

After Galicia posted her story to Facebook, several people commented suggesting that they may know who might have been responsible.

Gilliland said community action does help and social media has been a powerful tool for Sheriff’s Office in the past.

“We also don’t want someone to be encouraged to have us incarcerate the wrong person.”

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