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President’s Daughter: ‘Blacks Want Our Houses And Swimming Pools’

May 6, 1988

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) _ President P.W. Botha’s daughter was quoted as saying in an interview that blacks ″just want our houses and swimming pools, but I can’t blame them.″

Rozanne Botha, in a recent interview with the University of Cape Town newspaper Ascent, also was quoted as saying that ″colored (mixed-race) people have an identity crisis.″

Miss Botha, 27, in an interview published today with The Star of Johannesburg, was quoted as saying her earlier comments in Ascent were likely to ″cause trouble.″

She was quoted as saying in The Star that her quotes in Ascent were accurate, but that they were ″totally drawn out of proportion.″

In the interview with Ascent, Miss Botha was quoted as saying that she had led a privileged life as a white South African, but noted that she had spent a difficult year in the army.

″It’s not as if I don’t know about suffering,″ she was quoted as saying. ″I slept on the floor in the army and had cold showers. The blacks just want our houses and swimming pools, but I can’t blame them.″

Miss Botha was involved in controversy several months ago when she appeared in the documentary ″Children of Apartheid,″ by the American CBS television network.

The program, which featured interviews with young black and white South Africans, aired in the United States in December.

While black youths criticized the government and its apartheid policies, Miss Botha defended her father and his government’s version of measured racial reform.

The South African government described the documentary as ″blatant distortion″ which emphasized only the ″negative aspects″ of South Africa.

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