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December 15, 1988

PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Commercial filming has been banned during the winter season in this exclusive community after some residents complained that filming might encourage ″some kook″ to commit a ″dastardly act.″

But the Town Council made an exception for Burt Reynolds, a Florida native who married actress Loni Anderson here and lives in nearby Jupiter.

The actor has been filming a detective series for ABC-TV called ″B.L. Stryker″ since early last month.

His filming application for the next three months was approved Tuesday.

Later, the council approved an ordinance that bans filming between Nov. 15 and April 15. At other times, it will prohibit filming near the police station or any other government building and restrict filming to streets wider than 30 feet.

Some residents had asked the council for a complete ban.

Robert Grace, who served on the council from 1970-84, said filming in Palm Beach might encourage ″some kook or criminal to come over here and do some dastardly act.″

″I don’t think this town should be a movie set for Burt Reynolds or anyone else,″ Warren Woodward told the council. ″It’s going to attract the kind of people we don’t want here, people who are not going to spend any money here because, number one, they probably don’t have any money. We’re going to get a lot of Budweisers, cutoffs and yobbos (hoodlums).″


FIGUERAS, Spain (AP) - An ambulance took surrealist painter Salvador Dali back home after 16 days of hospital treatment for heart and respiratory problems, Spanish National Television reported.

Quiron Clinic spokeswoman Cristina Bas said Dali’s release Wednesday was authorized by doctors that cared for him after he was taken to the Barcelona clinic Nov. 28. He was stricken by what doctors described as heart failure aggravated by blood clots in his lungs.

The 84-year-old artist had been admitted to a hospital in his hometown of Figueras, 60 miles north of Barcelona, the day before for treatment for pneumonia.

After several days in critical condition, Dali was moved from the clinic’s intensive care unit Dec. 5. On Friday, doctors said his vital signs had stabilized at the same levels as before he was stricken.


FRANKFURT, West Germany (AP) - Ma Anand Sheela, former secretary of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, said she arrived here with no money after leaving the United States owing more than $269,000.

The Indian-born Sheela, 39, flew into Frankfurt from Los Angeles after serving 2 1/2 years of a 4 1/2 -year sentence for attempted murder, wiretapping and other convictions. She won early release from prison Tuesday and was deported after pledging not to return to the United States for five years.

″I have no money,″ Sheela told reporters after arriving with no luggage Wednesday.

Sheela said she will go back to India but didn’t think she would see the guru, who is at a commune there. She then left for the southern West German spa town of Baden-Baden, accompanied by her German lawyer.

Sheela was a prime force in the Bhagwan’s commune in Oregon that was started in 1981 but collapsed after he was convicted of immigration fraud and deported in 1985.

Authorities in Oregon complained she left behind more than $269,000 in unpaid fines and restitution.

″It’s a heck of a lot harder to collect money from someone in Germany or India or wherever she is than if she’s in prison in the United States,″ said Marla Rae, spokeswoman for state Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer.


LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Gov. James Blanchard has a dilemma: Should he cut short his Gator Bowl partying in Florida to hop on a plane for the Rose Bowl?

Blanchard’s alma mater, Michigan State, faces Georgia in the Jan. 1 Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. The next day, the Michigan Wolverines take on the University of Southern California in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

″I would have to spend all of my time in motion,″ Blanchard said Wednesday.

″I’m superstitious about sports and I’d feel bad if I wasn’t there because I’ve never seen my team lose in the Rose Bowl,″ he said. ″If I’m there physically I’ll feel a little bit better.″

Blanchard said he could end up watching the Rose Bowl on television.

″I just want my Michigan friends to know when they’re in the Rose Bowl, I’m rooting for them. When they’re playing the Spartans, I’m not.″


HOUSTON (AP) - Houston Rocket’s center Akeem Olajuwon has been sued by a TV news cameraman for unspecified damages for injuries he allegedly received in a scuffle outside the National Basketball Association star’s home.

Jim Shipley of KHOU-TV said in the lawsuit he suffered mental and physical harm from the Aug. 30 struggle, during which Olajuwon allegedly grabbed a camera from him.

Shipley, who filed the lawsuit Tuesday in state district court, went to Olajuwon’s home with a reporter to discuss a lawsuit involving a former companion of Olajuwon who claimed the player broke a contract to marry her.

″Let him sue,″ Olajuwon said from his hotel room in Denver, where the Rockets played the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. ″It’s not important.″


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly was served with a $1 million lawsuit from a woman who says he assaulted her in a West Seneca restaurant a year ago, according to Kelly’s attorney.

Eugenia Lyons, 24, said she suffered neck injuries when the National Football League star threw her to the floor Dec. 20, 1987. In her lawsuit filed Wednesday, she also said Kelly manhandled her after she criticized his recent play.

Kelly’s lawyer, Vincent A. Tobia, said Miss Lyons deliberately started an altercation while Kelly was dining with his parents and other guests and was thrown out of the restaurant after she allegedly poured a drink over Kelly’s head without provocation.

Kelly says he merely grabbed Miss Lyons’ hand and said, ″Are you crazy?″ after she doused him, Tobia said.

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