LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The white supremacist accused of killing a mail carrier and wounding five people at a Jewish community center pleaded guilty to murder and hate crime charges on Wednesday in a plea bargain that spares him the death penalty.

Buford O. Furrow pleaded guilty to 16 federal counts stemming from the Aug. 10, 1999, rampage across the San Fernando Valley.

He answered, ``Guilty, your honor,'' 16 times as U.S. District Judge Nora Manella asked if he had committed the crimes.

Furrow, 37, is charged with killing Filipino-American letter carrier Joseph Ileto hours after he allegedly wounded three boys, a teen-age girl and a woman at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in the San Fernando Valley.

He allegedly sprayed the community center with more than 70 rounds before fleeing to the west San Fernando Valley, where authorities say he shot Ileto nine times as the man was delivering mail.