Blind Mooresville dog gets his own seeing eye puppy

March 24, 2019

A heartwarming story about a pair of dogs from North Carolina is going viral.

Golden retrievers Charlie and Maverick are much more than sidekicks.

Eleven-year-old Charlie is blind, after losing his eyes to glaucoma, and 4-month old Maverick has become his seeing eye dog.

Adam and Chelsea Sipe of Mooresville are all about the puppy love.

“I would describe it as brothers, companions, they just have fun together,” Adam Sipe said.

“It’s nice to have that little spark added to Charlie and a dash of insanity with Maverick,” Chelsea Sipe added.

The couple wanted to adopt a puppy for their newborn, Asher, to grow up with, and Maverick fit right in.

“Even just the acceptance part and being understanding, I think they show that. The automatic support for one another without question, we as humans can learn to do that more often too,” Chelsea Sipe said.