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November 9, 1995

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) _ The New York Mets were chosen as baseball’s organization of the year by Baseball America on Thursday.

``We feel the Mets are on the verge of great things, much as they were in the mid-’80s,″ said Allan Simpson, the newspaper’s editor.

Baseball America picked the Mets as organization of the year in 1983 and 1984, and the team went on to win World Series in 1986.


HAYAMA, Japan (AP) _ The Nippon Cup yachting match races were unable to start for the second consecutive day as strong winds continued to blow.

The number of preliminary races has been reduced, with semifinal races scheduled Saturday and final races Sunday on Sagami Bay, about 10 miles off the Hayama Marina Yacht Club, southwest of Tokyo.

New Zealand’s Russel Coutts, who won this year’s America’s Cup yacht race and is the Nippon Cup defending champion, is skipper of one of the six foreign and two Japanese boats in the match-race event.

American skipper Courtenay Becker-Dey, who was navigator aboard America Cube in the America’s Cup, is leading an all-women crew, while Ed Baird is leading a male U.S. team.

Australia is represented by Peter Gilmour. France has a team led by Bertrand Pace, while the Netherlands is represented by Roy Helner.


FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) _ German Formula One racing fans responded with rage Thursday, a day after the mass-circulation Bild newspaper reported British media insults against world champion Michael Schumacher.

The response came after Bild’s report Wednesday that the Daily Mirror had reprinted a survey from men’s magazine ``GQ,″ in which Schumacher ranked number one on a list of the 60 most boring people in the world.

``German race ace first over the line ... to win the title of No. 1 swine,″ Daily Mirror printed.

At the root of the insult game is the tension between Schumacher and British Formula One driver Damon Hill. The two have had several collisions on track and other incidents.

Bild asked readers to respond by fax and express their opinions of Hill and the British in general. The fax machine has not stopped since, Bild reported Thursday.

Some of the responses from Bild readers were:

``The God of creation knew why he allocated an island to these people. Fog and rain is their punishment,″ said Karl-Heinz Fastner.

``The arrogance of the English knows no bounds. They’d do better to stick to their monarchy, which looks more like a muppet show,″ Hans-Peter Hahmann said.

``Schumacher is the world champion, athletically and personally. Jealousy is bigger than all England,″ Manfred Boer said.

``My personal list of horrible people: No. 1, English journalists; No. 2, Damon Hill; No. 3, Prince Charles. Curious _ they are all English,″ said G. Althoff.

Other Bild readers, however, agreed with the English:

``In my opinion, he is the rightful Formula One world champion, but also world champion of vanity, oversensitivity, and coldness,″ Rainer Lang said.

``Unfortunately, the English are correct, but does he really have to be No. 1? In my book, he gets the No. 2 spot, behind Michael Jackson,″ Peter Egger said.

The jeers came just in time to build anticipation for the season’s last Formula One race, to take place Sunday in Australia.

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