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Chronology of Recent Events in Bulgaria With PM-Bulgaria, Bjt

November 30, 1990

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) _ Here is a chronology of events in Bulgaria:

1948 - Communists take control.

Oct. 29, 1989 - Todor Zhivkov, Communist Party chief since 1954, responds to public protest by promising attempts at reform.

Nov. 10 - Zhivkov is ousted and replaced by Petar Mladenov, considered more moderate.

Nov. 18 - 50,000 people demonstrate in Sofia to demand democracy, free elections and respect of human rights.

Dec. 8 - Nearly 30 senior Communist Party officials, including Zhivkov, are removed from the party leadership.

Dec. 27 - The government and opposition - the Union of Democratic Forces - agree to hold wide-ranging talks on country’s future.

Jan. 12 - A government commission says Zhivkov will be charged with corruption and put on trial.

Jan. 15 - Parliament votes to abolish guaranteed leading role of Communist Party.

Jan. 18 - Zhivkov placed under house arrest on charges of inciting ethnic hostility, misuse of state property and malfeasance in office.

Jan. 19 - Communists call for a multiparty system, parliamentary democracy, and religious freedom.

Jan. 26 - Communists adopt a platform embracing a multiparty system.

Feb. 1 - Premier Georgi Atanassov, a Zhivkov associate, resigns along with his 22-member Cabinet.

Feb. 2 - The Communist Party expels many Old Guard members and picks Alexander Lilov as new party chief.

Feb. 3 - Parliament chooses moderate reformer Alexander Lukanov as the new premier.

March 3 - Parliament enacts a law allowing ethnic Turks to adopt their original names they were forced to change under Zhivkov.

March 3 - The Communists and the opposition sign a pact allowing equal terms for all parties competing in elections in June.

March 30 - Bulgaria stops paying the principal on its $11 billion debt.

April 3 - The Communist Party is renamed the Socialist Party.

June 10, June 17 - The Socialists win a parliamentary majority in free multiparty elections.

July 7 - President Petar Mladenov resigns under public pressure.

Aug. 1 - Zhelyu Zhelev, leader of the opposition Union of Democratic Forces, is elected Bulgaria’s first non-communist president in more than 40 years.

Aug. 22 - Lukanov’s government resigns.

Aug. 26 - The Socialist Party headquarters are torched and looted.

Sept. 2 - Bulgaria is faced with famine, the Socialist Party daily says.

Sept. 6 - Authorities announce nationwide rationing of electricity.

Sept. 13 - Cheese is added to growing list of rationed food.

Sept. 19 - Lukanov announces a new Socialist government after failing to form a coalition with the opposition alliance.

Sept. 25 - Socialist Party Chairman Alexander Lilov is re-elected party chairman as reformers fail to unseat him at an extraordinary party congress.

Nov. 3 - At a mass rally, opposition leaders vow to assume power and rule the country.

Nov. 23 - The Lukanov government survives a vote of no-confidence after the opposition boycotts a vote on his emergency budget.

Nov. 26 - Tens of thousands strike in effort to force Lukanov out of office.

Nov. 29 - Lukanov government resigns.

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