Digital Mike: World Cup fun is about to fade away, don’t miss it

July 14, 2018


The World Cup final is Sunday. Tune in, but don’t forget there’s good fun on the internet.


The New York Times has run this great feature of “Spot the Ball.” They remove the soccer ball from the photo and you can click to guess where you think it is. It’ll let you know and also tell your accuracy, while showing you where everyone else guessed. It’s a bit frustrating, but in a good way. Click it!


What’s the word?

My friend from college Gael Fashingbauer Cooper has a good gig writing about fun stuff that merges the internet and the topic du jour. I liked her piece on Twitter users using their best jokes about Putin after Russia lost to Croatia. You could sort of predict it, but when paired with photos of the Russian leader, it was fun, such as #RussiaVsCroatia going to penalties.....Putin is looking into Croatia’s next elections and how he can help.



Local attorney Jim Suk is known for his public service announcements aimed at traffic safety. He also posts some good stuff through his LinkedIn site. Give it a read and learn. And plan to scout out his other offerings. Think about it.


Hike it

Looking for some adventures or ideas for roaming the North Shore? Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail or the SHT can be a cool adventure for short or long periods. This is the site to check out. Dig into the blog for good issues or just sample the trail conditions portion if you’re planning a visit. It’s got lots of good information and some good pix, too. Look it over if you’re headed north.



The economy is purring,right. That’s what I’m told. Looking for the hot jobs in each state. Here’s a quick take map that highlights those jobs that are tops in each state. In Minnesota, they say it’s the solar panel installer, while in Wisconsin it’s a statistician. Check it out.


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