Pat Scheel: Parents, control your kids

March 11, 2019

Editor:Regarding the headline in Sunday’s newspaper about vaping that posed the question “What’s a concerned parent to do?” I don’t understand.

Is your child of legal age – living independently? If so, this letter isn’t for you. But, if you are the provider of food and lodging for your child, I question the query! First of all, why is this even a question: 1. Whose money are they spending? 2. Who is the parent, etc., etc. . . I have the same issues with cell phones; who is paying the bills?

Yes, I am a parent who had my children toe the line, not for me, but for them. Yes, they grumbled and rebelled. Isn’t that what is called ‘tough love’. Today I do not question their judgment or lifestyle because I instilled (was in control) of their well being. I often hear today it is a different world. Yes, so true; however, we are still keepers of the future.

I worked while raising my children, so this issue does not register with me as an excuse. I am a believer — and user — of the Internet, social media, etc. I have the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong all due to being exposed to values which I, intently, instilled in my children.

So I repeat, “ I don’t understand.”

Pat Scheel

Lake Havasu City