Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to LHUSD, HPA, and Telesis for a wonderful year. Have a wonderful summer. Mr. C

Orchids to Lori at Arizona Garden Nursery. Very knowledgeable; great nursery stock selection and very fair prices. Miguel delivered and planted our mesquite tree right on time. Happy May 20 Customer, El Toro Drive

Orchids for John at Clear tone hearing aids. I can hear again due to your expertise and your affordable prices. Grateful Client

Orchids to the girls in the Cath Lab on a recent Tuesday for all your help before, during and after my procedure. Angela, Loretta, Lou and Dawn, it was very much appreciated. Margaret

Orchids to Interagency food bank-staff and volunteers. You are wonderful the way you help your clients. We appreciate all your hard work, time and effort. Grateful Recipients

Onions to the doctor’s office that called and told patient that his pathology report was positive for cancer. What happened to calling a patient for a follow-up appointment so doctor could explain what was going on and treatment options? Very cold and unfeeling!

Orchids to Republic Waste for honoring my request for the smaller waste and recycle bins which were delivered recently only a short time after my contact to the customer service representative. Thank you. JLP

Orchids to Mike and River Palm Landscaping for continued professional and friendly service. Pioneer Drive

Orchids to Discount Tire for professional workmanship. The counter attendants work like a symphony. The hardworking staff that does a great job. I was in and out in a short time, price was right. Carb Specs

Orchids to Sal from SunShine Air, the best service tech. You’re an asset to the company. Way to go.

Orchids to Roberta and Veteran’s Thrift for all you guys do for our veterans and our community. You definitely make a difference in so many lives.

Onions to the person complaining about a $270 water bill. Your water alone must be around $50 so that is why your total bill is so high. We are a family of two, no pool and I water by hand. Our monthly water usage is $7. If you want a lower bill watch your water usage.

Onions to terrible internet service the past few weeks. Very unreliable!

Orchids to the singing bartender at the Flying X! Sadly we didn’t catch your name but you have a true talent! Can’t wait to hear ya again!

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