Ron Jackson: A mother’s love never stops

May 12, 2019

Earth spins and orbits. In our earliest education we learn that the Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun. It never stops. It never waivers. And it often is taken for granted because it was here when we arrived, and it will be here when we leave.

We have only one Earth. The only planet that we know of that gives and sustains life. That is why we call it Mother Earth. She is the only one. And we honor her tomorrow.

Actually, we honor our human mothers who can only be compared to our mother planet. Besides the Earth, there is nothing imaginable that can come close to a mother.

Mothers don’t stop. No matter what is going on in her world, mothers continue. Good times, bad times, moms are moms. Family crisis, Mom just goes about her business. Community issue, Mom goes about her business. Almost any issue presented, mothers somehow know how to hold it together until normality resumes.

It is fascinating to compare mothers to the Earth. We have human and natural turmoil.

Look at all the natural disasters that regularly occur around the world. Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, droughts, avalanches, mudslides, floods — and the Earth just goes about its business.

Sickness, death, poverty, broken bones, bloody noses, fights, addictions, common core homework and Dad sniffles, are just some of the human disasters mothers face.

Like Mother Earth, Mom goes about her business. Nothing seems to knock her off course.

And for that, we honor her.

Or we should.

She is the only one we have.

There is a controversial and political effort to save the planet because once it is destroyed, it will be gone and so will life as we know it.

Some call that a theory and speculation because when and if that happens, no one currently alive will be here to realize it or to say I told you so.

For those of us who have lost our mothers, we can attest that once she is gone, there is an eternal void. Nothing is ever the same.

To all those life-giving and nurturing mothers who are as strong and resilient as the ground we walk on, thank you.

For all those sleepless nights worrying about your children, no matter how many decades old they might be, you are worthy to be praised.

To all those mothers who can make a gourmet meal from an empty cabinet, you are appreciated.

To those moms who, without requiring an appointment and without charging a co-pay, can wipe the dirt and blood from a scratch and kiss away the pain to get us back on the playground in record time, you are loved.

Mothers are their children’s first hugs, first loves, first doctors, first teachers, first coaches and forever protectors. And for that, we set aside one day per year on the calendar to acknowledge them.

One day.

That is like equating Mother’s Day to an annual job performance review.

One day per year, you get to hear what those whom you do your best for think about you. Think about that. There is even a Bosses Day.

After all that a mom is and does, she and bosses get the same recognition by a one day designation on the calendar.

There is one little difference though, bosses get a salary, mothers don’t. Even knowing that, like Earth, mothers don’t stop.

To all the mothers out there, young and old, happy Mothers Day. And thank you for your service and sacrifice.