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Pig Destined for Christmas Dinner Flees to Wal-Mart

December 20, 1991

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ This little piggy went to Wal-Mart, but police and its owner wish it had stayed home.

A tusked pig owned by Juana Fleita escaped from its pen, charged at police, dashed across a highway, ducked behind a crowded Wal-Mart store and charged again before eventually being captured.

The pig was finally roped by the neck after 90 minutes of scrambling, but it didn’t stop struggling.

″It was a different type of suspect,″ said Officer C.A. Bronson, one of two police officers who chased the pig.

″It was silly and funny, but I was concerned about the safety of children in the area. He could have hurt somebody.″

The 60-pound, white-and-black hog was delivered to Mrs. Fleita’s home about a week ago. She bought it for $70 and planned to feed it to about 14 people at a Christmas dinner.

When Mrs. Fleita got home Wednesday, she noticed the hog had broken from its cage. Family members chased it around to no avail, and she yelled for someone to call police.

Bronson, another officer and three animal control workers spotted the hog behind a vacant home.

″We tried to catch him with a rope, but he charged at us,″ Bronson said. ″When he came after us, I thought, ’Get the heck out of the way.‴

The hog crossed the highway and ducked behind a Wal-Mart, where some people were unloading a truck.

The pig charged its pursuers and the workers and disappeared into a wooded area. It was finally snared by Vincent Tarver, an animal control officer.

″I’ve chased alligators and about everything else,″ he said. ″This was just another challenge.″

The hog will be returned to the Fleitas in time for Christmas dinner.

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