New pedestrian walkway planned from Armory to Pine streets in Deadwood

November 15, 2018

DEADWOOD — No longer will pedestrians be navigating no-man’s land when venturing from the former pavilion parking lot to destinations along and across Highway 14A and beyond.

The Deadwood City Commission Nov. 5 approved sidewalk design services with Affordably Creative Engineering Services (ACES) for $8,900 and granted permission for Mayor Dave Ruth to sign the contract.

As set forth in the project proposal, with the creation of the pavilion parking lot, additional pedestrian traffic is anticipated between Armory and Pine streets and the city wishes to provide a safe, efficient way for pedestrians to travel between the two streets.

Most of the pedestrian way would be located within the South Dakota Department of Transportation right-of-way, but a section will be located on private property and will likely require an easement.

Based on feedback from the city, the public already uses this approximate path, and a pedestrian way is needed.

Commissioner Gary Todd said he wondered if there is a need for this project, “Even though our packet stated with the Deadwood pavilion project creating a large parking lot south of Armory Street that there might be a need for pedestrian traffic along the four-lane,” he said. “Since that parking lot is not supposed to be a public parking lot and if all the customers that would be parking in there would be Silverado customers or the school … I’m asking why the need for this additional expense.”

Ruth asked Planning and Zoning Administrator Bob Nelson, Jr. to tackle that question.

“The big thing is to continue our walkability in Deadwood,” said Nelson. “And the project, when built, would be participated with the DOT, so it’s not going to be a fully funded city project when it’s built. We don’t have to do it in ’19, but I’d like to get the design done.”

Todd said he loves the idea of DOT participation.

“And we’ve got people out there (in the audience) who worked their fanny off to divert traffic on to Main Street, to get Main Street businesses going again, and here we create a project that’s going to divert those people out of Main Street along the four-lane,” Todd said. “It just seems like, to me, there’s better places to spend our money.”

Ruth said the one time he does notice the need for a pedestrian walkway in that area is any time there’s an event at Deadwood Mountain Grand.

“People will park in the pavilion lot or the Qwest lot and then they find themselves either walking through the fire department driveway and after they get through the fire department driveway, they’re either in the grass or in the four-lane, or it doesn’t seem they know where it is they need to walk,” Ruth said. “Because I, too, raised that same question … as it turns out, there’s still a public lot back there with Qwest.”

Commissioner Sharon Martinisko said the pedestrian way is needed.

“I think any time we’re addressing safety — that’s how I look at this is this is a safety issue,” she explained. “We don’t want people walking along the four-lane and cutting through and since we’re going to be getting joint effort with DOT, I think the more we can have not only walkability, but safety, that’s important.”

ACES will bring the design to a complete bid package, so when the city is ready to proceed with the project, it can be bid and construction proceed. The lump sum fee includes design concept, topographic survey, bid package, and engineer’s estimate.

The design services will be paid for from the Parking and Transportation budget, per recommendation from the committee.

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