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Hollywood Madam Names Names in Vanity Fair Article

January 5, 1994

NEW YORK (AP) _ Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has finally named names, telling Vanity Fair that actor Charlie Sheen wanted prostitutes dressed as cheerleaders and producer Jon Peters ″got girls for everyone.″

Shannen Doherty wanted to hire prostitutes for a fiance’s bachelor party but would only pay $200 apiece, so Fleiss said she hung up on her. Her rates start at $1,500 a night, the magazine reported in its February issue.

Doherty’s publicist said Tuesday that the actress on ″Beverly Hills, 90210″ did ask about hiring women, but not to work as prostitutes. Sheen didn’t comment and Peters couldn’t be reached for comment.

Fleiss said her other clients included rich Middle Eastern businessmen and prominent U.S. politicians, but she didn’t name any.

Fleiss has pleaded innocent to five counts of pandering and one count of possessing cocaine for sale. Her attorney has said she is being unfairly prosecuted because men who buy a prostitute’s services are never charged under the same felony statute that Fleiss was.

Fleiss, meanwhile, said Sheen was a gentleman who liked to hire call girls whenever he had friends over.

″He’d pay for all his friends,″ she said. ″They want to be studs. They don’t want to say they pay for sex.″

Sheen liked to have a blonde dress up in a cheerleader outfit and pretend she had a big game the next day, Fleiss said.

A woman who answered the phone at Special Artists, Sheen’s publicist, said the actor would have no comment.

Peters, the former co-chief executive for Sony Pictures ″was the guy everyone went to when they wanted a girl,″ Fleiss said. ″He got girls for everyone.″

Sony referred a call for Peters to a voice-mail service through which he couldn’t be reached.

Doherty said she wanted girls who were ″pretty - but not too pretty″ for her fiance’s party, Fleiss said.

″She was giving me all these orders and then she said, ‘I only want to pay $200 apiece.’ I said, ‘Why don’t you do it yourself?’ And I hung up on her.″

Doherty publicist Stan Rosenfield called that account ″distorted,″ saying Doherty spoke to one of Fleiss’ associates, not Fleiss herself.

″It wasn’t for prostitution,″ he told The Associated Press. ″She wanted the girls to jump out of a cake or something.″

Doherty married Ashley Hamilton last year after highly publicized breakups with other men. Rosenfield said he didn’t know which fiance the party was for.

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