Liberty County Historical Commission implements new youth project

March 7, 2019

Students in Terri Berry’s classroom at Tarkington Middle School stepped back into the 1800s to experience their own community’s history up close.

The classroom lesson was an introduction to the new Youth History Project compiled and presented by a team of members from the Liberty County Historical Commission in school districts across the county.

The focus of the project is to take local history for each district and bring it into the classroom and show its relevance within Texas History.

According to LCHC County Chair Linda Jamison, “Each program is researched and designed to incorporate history specific to each community.”

Included in the presentation is a PowerPoint laced with historic photographs, the Texas History Traveling Trunk which includes common household items circa 1850, and a period dress review to discuss how their ancestors dressed and lived.

Berry’s classroom was the first of many presentations the Historical Commission team members hope to present every year specifically to 7th grade Texas history classes.

Project Team Leader Emily Cook took her team to the campus of Tarkington Middle School for presentations to seven classes throughout the day on Feb. 20.

Cook began with a presentation on early settlement and education on Tarkington Prairie. She was followed by Jamison with the Texas History Traveling Trunk with authentic period items common to most households in the mid-1800s.

Students were asked to guess how each item was used and could touch and examine each item as they wished.

Commission member Beverly Davis wrapped up the presentation in period dress and discussed clothing, accessories, etiquette and manners during that period of history in Tarkington.

“The students were very engaged and asked many questions and we were invited back next year,” Jamison reported.

The team will visit Cleveland ISD in May for presentations and are currently scheduling other school districts throughout the county.

Jamison encouraged history teachers throughout the county to contact them for a presentation by emailing lchc318@gmail.com for more information.

To learn more about the Liberty County Historical Commission, visit one of their quarterly meetings at the A. J. “Jack” Hartel building on 318 San Jacinto Street in Liberty.

County Commissions were set up by the State Legislature to act as liaisons between the county and the Texas Historical Commission to preserve, protect and promote local history. The public is invited to attend meetings and to participate in committee work which includes cemeteries, markers, special educational events and outreach in the community, endangered sites and much more.