Public is entitled to information about Madison schools -- State Journal editorial from 90 years ago

March 24, 2019

This State Journal editorial ran on March 21, 1929:

It is a typical gesture of disappointed officials to place the blame for the miscarriage of their plans on the press.

It is disappointing, however, to hear a man of professor E. B. Skinner’s caliber blaming the newspapers for the entire South Side school muddle.

A knowledge of South Side school conditions is sufficient justification for printing of news. The old school building has been condemned as unsafe. Whenever a storm comes up, the children are removed to the other building for safety.

The industrial commission would refuse to permit an industrial concern to house its workers in such a building. Should a school board be immune from censorship in allowing such a condition to drag on from one year after another? Is a newspaper to blame for printing the news of such conditions and making an honest effort to improve them?

It seems to The Journal that South Side residents have a right to present a petition on the location of the new school. We believe that as a newspaper, we have a right to publish the news about the South Side school situation, and we refuse to submit stories of such vital civic importance to the blue pencil of Mr. Skinner or anyone else.