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Warhol Diary Tells of Valium Dependency

May 8, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ Pop artist Andy Warhol wrote in his diary two months before he died that he was addicted to the tranquilizer Valium.

Warhol, 58, who died of a heart attack Feb. 22, 1987, after gallbladder surgery at New York Hospital, wrote that he used Valium before he went to the White House in 1982 and mentioned it again in a Dec. 29, 1986, entry.

″I think all the vitamins I’m taking may be what’s making me have so much trouble sleeping. And I am addicted to Valium,″ he wrote. Excerpts from the journal were published in the May 15 issue of People magazine.

In a Sept. 16, 1982, entry, Warhol wrote, ″I was nervous all day because I knew I was going to the White House for the state dinner for the Marcoses. Took Valiums. I can’t stand going to Washington, all those TV lights.″

On other subjects, Warhol wrote:

-That the Aug. 17, 1985, wedding of Madonna and Sean Penn was the ″most exciting weekend of my life.″

″Somebody had tipped the reporters off about where the wedding was and about 10 helicopters were hovering; it was like ‘Apocalypse Now.’ And I looked really close at Madonna and she is beautiful. And she and Sean are just so in love.

″And someone said that Sean had shot at the helicopters the night before. The only boring celebrity was Diane Keaton, really.″

-His recollections of the April 26, 1986, wedding of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver: ″The crowd outside the church screamed ‘Grace’ (Jones) and ‘Andy 3/8’ There was the biggest mob I’ve ever seen around a church.

″The cake was six or 10 feet high. ... (Sargent) Shriver gave a speech. He was in tails. And he was talking about ‘losing a daughter.’ Well, I mean, she’s 29 - he’s lucky to lose her.″

Afterward, ″Arnold gave a speech and was saying wonderful love things like that he’d make her happy. It was the first time I’ve seen really announceable love, saying everything all out loud.″

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