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BC-AR--Arkansas Weekend Planner, AR

December 24, 2018


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FOR USE Sunday, Dec. 30, and thereafter:


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. _ Christmas trees and other holiday decorations are permitted in Fayetteville schools, as long as the displays have an educational purpose and support an environment “inclusive” of all students and employees, according to the superintendent. Some, however, perceive the school district as having an outright ban on Christmas trees, a notion expressed by two community members who spoke at a recent school board meeting. By Dave Perozek, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 830 words.


FORT SMITH, Ark. _ Who runs Howard and Trusty elementary schools when classes end? Girls. Girls Inc. began on-site after-school programs at both schools this fall, allowing students to participate in the tutoring, lessons and fun activities offered by the organization without ever having to leave, Executive Director Amanda Daniels said. Howard Principal Velmar Greene said her daughter was a previous participant in Girls Inc. and was excited to have a program at the elementary school campus. By Jadyn Watson-Fisher, Southwest Times Record. SENT IN ADVANCE: 642 words.


FOR USE Monday, Dec. 31, and thereafter:


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. _ Two Lakeside Middle School students used a 3D printer to create a house-shaped donation box to help raise funds for the Our Promise Cancer Resources House. Students Brionna Mattingly, 13, and Reese Vines, 13, spent about two and a half weeks working on the project in their EAST class at Lakeside Middle School. After four different trial runs, they finally finished it and handed it over to the Debutante Coterie. By Grace Brown, The Hot Springs Sentinel-Record. SENT IN ADVANCE: 472 words.


JONESBORO, Ark. _ Imagine not having shoes and being exposed to a flea infestation that requires slicing open your feet with a sharp razor to remove egg sacks just so you can walk. Some Ugandans suffer from attacks by chigoe fleas, also known as Jiggers, which burrow into the soles of a person’s feet and create a disgusting sight. They create blisters and boil-like welts on the soles of the feet and any other affected areas. But one Jonesboro class of sixth-graders is trying to do something to help. By Matthew Wells, The Jonesboro Sun. SENT IN ADVANCE: 728 words.

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