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‘Northern Exposure’ Actress Peg Phillips Breaks Three Fingers

November 16, 1992

SEATTLE (AP) _ Peg Phillips, who plays shopkeeper Ruth-Anne in the TV series ″Northern Exposure,″ fell and broke three fingers while doing volunteer work.

Phillips, 74, slipped on Saturday night at a juvenile deliquent center before the staging of an educational play she wrote, according to Denise Jarrett, of the University of Washington drama school.

Phillips, who enrolled in the school’s professional actor training program at age 65, didn’t see a doctor until Sunday, although she knew some fingers were broken, Jarett said.

The hand was bandaged and she continued with the production of ″I Want to Be Me,″ at the Echo Glen Children’s Center.

″I saw her fingers. They’re just a mess. I would have been incapacitated,″ Jarrett said. ″She was emceeing, running around all over last night, just making things happen.″

Written by Phillips with the help of Echo Glen inmates, the play depicts their hopes for life after their release.

″Northern Exposure,″ broadcast on CBS, deals with a New York doctor tending patients in a rural Alaska town.

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