Herald-Dispatch seeks Citizen of the Year nominations

March 12, 2019

HUNTINGTON — Each year, The Herald-Dispatch’s Citizen Awards program recognizes citizenship, volunteer efforts and accomplishments in business, athletics and the arts. And it’s time to hear from you about the people who made a difference in 2018.

To make a nomination, just send a letter or email with your suggestion. Nominations are due by March 22, when they will be reviewed by a panel of editors and reporters for the final selections.

The winners will be announced with front-page profiles in The Herald-Dispatch and also will receive a $5,000 grant of promotional space in the newspaper that can be used to promote the charity or nonprofit of their choice.

Here are the categories:

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR: Established in 1987, this is the oldest of the newspaper’s Citizen Awards. It is given to a Tri-State resident who has made a significant impact on the daily lives of people in our region.

Past winners of the award include A. Michael Perry, Roberta Emerson, Phil Cline, Donna Hall, Betty Barrett, David Todd, Helen Gibbins, Nancy Francis, the Rev. Larry Patterson, Laura Darby, Edward G. “Ned” Boehm Jr., Marshall T. Reynolds, Art Weisberg, Dan Lacy, Tom Jones, the Rev. R.F. Smith Jr., Bernard Bradshaw, Drs. Joseph and Omayma Touma, the National Guard’s 2/19th Special Forces Unit, Jim Tweel, Yvonne Jones, Ann Speer, Mark Bugher, David Tyson, Sarah Denman, Margaret Mary Layne, Terry Deppner-Hardin, Jane and Stephen Kopp, Laura Gilliam, Sylvia Ridgeway, Jeff Hoops, Courtney Proctor Cross, David Glick, Maggie Holton and Christie A. Kinsey.

Special recognition awards have been given to Joan C. Edwards, Ben Hale, Robert B. Hayes, Kermit McGinnis, Dr. Charles McKown, Brent Marsteller, Charlene Farrell, Verna Gibson, Sisters Celeste Lynch and Diane Bushee, David Graley and Mike Sellards.

BUSINESS INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR: The award was created in 1996 and is designed to be given to a Tri-State business person who has made a significant impact on the lives of area residents. Past winners include Jerry McDonald, Patricia Clonch, John Hankins, Marc A. Sprouse, Jeff Bezos, Brent Roswell, Dr. Darrel Darby, Kenney Grant, Benjy Steele, Tom Pressman, Cathy Burns, Harry Zimmerman, Bill Dingus, Bob Childers, Chandler Plywood Products, Tom Bell, Jack Bazemore, Tom, Rick and Jack Houvouras, Lynne Fruth, Gary Adams, Jim Weiler and Phil Nelson, and Joe Murphy.

ZACK BINKLEY AWARD FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE: The award is given to a person whose volunteer service to the Tri-State area has made a significant impact on the lives of Tri-State residents or local community service groups. It is named for Zack Binkley, a former executive editor of The Herald-Dispatch and a great champion of community service. He died of cancer in 1995. Past winners include Dr. Kenneth Wolfe, Debbie Stivers, Rik Bumgardner, David Brunk, Dr. Ann Conjura, Marilyn Hollandsworth, Nancy Pellecchia, Dr. Bob Culp, Claire McClure, Patty Aldridge, Mike Boster, Dianne Clement, Todd Shell, Elaine Harvey, Thomas and Stacy McChesney, Wendy Thomas, Margaret Lavery and Howard Crew, Leo Fleckenstein, Debra Johnson-Tourigny, Missy Clagg Browning, Connie Gilkerson, Marilyn Murdock, and Mickey and Jim St. Clair.

THE LOWELL CADE SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR: The award is given to a Tri-State athlete, coach or athletic official for outstanding athletic achievements and exemplary character off the field. The award is named in honor of former Herald-Dispatch sportswriter and editor Lowell Cade. Past winners include George Chaump, Ken Chertow, Bob Lutz, Ed Poppiti, Jim Donnan, Bobby Pruett, Keith Veney, Chad Pennington, Barboursville Little League All-Stars, Troy Brown, Chris Parsons, Jack DeFazio, Bill Campbell, Bill Archer, Dr. Tom Dannals, Tom Harmon, Len Rogers, Kayla Williams, Phil Davis, Jacob Burcham, Dot Hicks, Billy Seals, Doc Holliday, Tammie Silva, Gage Rhoades and Dan D’Antoni and the Thundering Herd men’s basketball team.

THE HERALD-DISPATCH AWARD FOR THE ARTS: Created in 2001, this award recognizes contributions to the arts or accomplishments in the field of arts in the Tri-State. Past winners include Chuck Ripper, Victoria Bragin, Ella Hay, Paul Balshaw, Janice Chandler Gold, Don Van Horn, Nancy Carter, Michael Cornfeld, Harriet Wells Tucker, Janet Bromley, Patricia Green and Carter Taylor Seaton.

Make your nomination

To make a nomination for any of the Citizen Awards please send the following:

NOMINEE’S NAME: How we can contact him or her (telephone number and/or email address).

YOUR NAME: How we can contact you (telephone number and/or email address).

NOMINATION: The name of the award the nomination is for and four paragraphs on why this person should be considered.

DEADLINE: Please have your nominations postmarked or emailed by March 22.

MAIL: Citizen Awards, The Herald-Dispatch, 946 5th Ave., Huntington, WV 25701

EMAIL: lessmith@herald-dispatch.com.