With charity ride canceled because of hurricane, Chad White eyes spring event in California

September 19, 2018

The Chefs Cycle ride scheduled for the end of September in Virginia has been canceled because of road conditions due to Hurricane Florence.

But that’s doesn’t mean all of chef Chad White’s training is for naught.

In fact, he said, it gives him more time to prepare.

“It gives me a little more time to continue to train and raise money,” White said.

The three-day, 300-mile charity bicycle ride benefits No Kid Hungry, which helps fight childhood hunger. The goal of the autumn ride on the East Coast was to raise $1.3 million.

The goal of the spring 2019 ride in California is $2 million.

Chefs Cycle holds rides twice a year to combat childhood hunger.

White’s been training for the fall ride since spring. Earlier this month, he helped arrange a ride in Spokane to raise money.

On his profile page for Chefs Cycle, White wrote, “If you know me then you know just how passionate I am about helping provide a safe and healthy life for the many unfortunate hungry children by working and volunteering my time with local food banks, shelters and non-profits. No child in America should grow up hungry. But too many kids in our country don’t have the food they need to thrive.”

White’s personal goal was $7,500. After his Spokane Bike 4 Hunger ride, co-hosted by Wheel Sport Bicycle Shops and his downtown Spokane ceviche restaurant Zona Blanca, as well as a spin fundraiser at the Union, he said his total was about $5,500.

“I think I’m going to probably change my goal to 15 grand,” he said. “I’ll probably do another benefit ride locally.”

Plus, he said, “I’m probably going to create a team to go with me on this (Santa Rosa) ride from people that I ride with around town.”

The Charlottesville, Virginia, ride was slated for Sept. 25 to 27.

A statement on the Chefs Cycle website noted, “The safety of our riders is our number one concern and based on our communication with local officials in the region our routes were compromised significantly due to significant rain in the area.”

White was a contestant on season 13 of Bravo’s “Top Chef.” He moved back to Spokane in late 2015 after 14 years out of the area, mostly in San Diego. He’s a partner in the Spokane-based spice company Spiceology and is also a partner in restaurants in San Diego and Tijuana as well as owner of Zona Blanca.

White was invited to participate in Chefs Cycle while cooking at fundraising dinner for No Kid Hungry earlier this year in Washington, D.C.

“I’ve been supporting No Kid Hungry for six years now,” he said. “Maybe even longer than that.”

Until he started training for the Chefs Cycle ride, he said, “I’d never rode a road bike. I’ve been on bikes before. In San Diego, we rode beach cruisers.”

In the beginning of his training, he said, “just riding 8 miles was a complete chore.” Recently, he’s been averaging 150 miles per week, completing 50- or 60-mile rides. “And I’m actually enjoying it,” he said.

These days, White aims to ride about four times per week. One of his favorite routes is the Centennial Trail from CenterPlace in Spokane Valley to Coeur d’Alene and back.

White’s also been riding Wednesday nights with Wheel Sport South, taking part in the shop’s group road ride. He’s also participating in Bike Hub’s Humpday Road Ride.

“I have a lot more confidence riding on the road now,” he said.

Chefs Cycle has organized three-day, 300-mile charity rides for chefs and other members of the culinary community in support of No Kid Hungry for three years now.

The fall ride was going to be White’s first. He was already hoping to participate in the spring 2019 ride “because it’s closer,” he said. “It’s a West Coast thing.”

White has been promoting his ride and documenting his training progress on his Instagram account at www.instagram.com/chefchadwhite.

For more information, visit www.chefscycle.org and www.nokidhungry.org.

“There should be no reason any child goes hungry in America,” he said. “Since my job is feeding people, my focus is feeding people who can’t feed themselves.”

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