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Soviet Union Names New Ambassador to Iceland

December 7, 1986

MOSCOW (AP) _ The Soviet Union has appointed Igor Krasavin, a 56-year-old career diplomat, as its new ambassador to Iceland, the official news agency Tass reported Sunday. The former ambassador, Yevgeny Kosarev, 67, was recalled soon after the Reykjavik summit.

Tass said Kosarev was relieved of his duties ″in connection with his retirement on a pension.″ Press reports in Iceland said he was recalled to Moscow because of the timing of Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s arrival for his Oct. 11-12 summit with President Reagan.

Gorbachev landed on Oct. 9 as Iceland’s Parliament began its fall session. Iceland’s president and prime minister could not greet Gorbachev at the airport because of the opening ceremonies.

An official of the Soviet Embassy in Reykjavik said the embassy informed Moscow earlier of a potential problem over the timing of Gorbachev’s arrival, but received no response.

Asked whose fault it was that Gorbachev arrived during Parliament’s opening session, an official in the Gorbachev entourage said, ″If the ambassador is still here tomorrow, you’ll know that it was not his fault.″

Kosarev left Iceland little more than a week after the summit.

Krasavin has been in the diplomatic service since 1953, Tass said.

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