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Wednesday, August 5

July 28, 2015

Today is Wednesday, August 5, the 217th day of 2015. There are 148 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1716 - Savoy’s Prince Eugene defeats Turks at Peterwardein, now part of Serbia.

1772 - In St. Petersburg, rulers of Russia, Prussia and Austria sign the first of three partitions ending Poland’s sovereign rule until 1918.

1810 - Napoleon Bonaparte imposes tax on all colonial imports into France.

1861 - The U.S. federal government levies an income tax for the first time.

1884 - Cornerstone of Statue of Liberty is laid at entrance to New York harbor.

1943 - Capture of Catania gives Allied forces command of Sicilian Straits off Italy during World War II.

1944 - More than 1,000 Japanese, taken as prisoners of war by Australia, unsuccessfully attempt to escape from a camp in Cowra, New South Wales; 234 are killed and 108 wounded.

1949 - U.S. aid to Nationalist China ceases; Earthquake in Ecuador takes about 6,000 lives.

1954 - Iran and eight Western oil companies agree to reactivate Iran’s frozen oil industry, ending a three-year battle that bankrupted the country and Iran and severed its relations with Britain.

1962 - Anti-apartheid fighter Nelson Mandela is arrested at a police roadblock; U.S. movie star Marilyn Monroe is found dead in bedroom of her Los Angeles home.

1963 - United States, Britain and Soviet Union sign a treaty outlawing nuclear tests in atmosphere, in space and under water.

1965 - Cook Islands in South Pacific granted internal self-government by New Zealand.

1969 - The U.S. space probe Mariner 7 flies by Mars, sending back unprecedented photographs and scientific data.

1973 - Palestinian “Black September” guerrillas attack a line of travelers at Athens airport with grenades and machine guns, killing three and wounding 55.

1990 - U.S. troops intervene in Liberia’s civil war to rescue about 70 Americans in Monrovia following hostage threat by rebels.

1991 - Iraq admits to U.N. inspection team that it carried out germ warfare research for four years, but claims it abandoned the research shortly after 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

1992 - Nelson Mandela leads 100,000 blacks in Pretoria in a protest to end white rule.

1994 - NATO jets attack Serbs near Sarajevo after they seized a tank and other weapons from a U.N. depot and fire on a U.N. helicopter.

1997 - Korean Air jumbo jet carrying 254 people slams into a mountain in Guam while trying to land during a nighttime thunderstorm. Only 26 people survive.

2000 - Police in eastern Germany detain dozens of neo-Nazi supporters trying to hold a rally, while hundreds of Germans protest the recent rise in racist attacks.

2001 - Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban jail eight foreign aid workers for allegedly preaching Christianity in the Muslim nation.

2007 - Lebanon’s opposition captures one of two parliament seats up for election to replace assassinated ruling party lawmakers in a tense showdown between the U.S.-backed government and opponents supported by Syria and Iran.

2009 - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wins support from key nations for his appeal to Myanmar’s government to free detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and release all political prisoners.

2010 - The U.S. government announces that it has charged 14 people as participants in “a deadly pipeline” to Somalia that routed money and fighters from the United States to the terrorist group al-Shabab.

2012 - Iranian state television broadcasts purported confessions by more than a dozen suspects in connection with the killing of five nuclear scientists since 2010.

2013— Jeff Bezos, the Amazon.com founder who helped bring books into the digital age, buys The Washington Post and other newspapers in his personal capacity and Amazon is not involved.

2014— An American major general is shot to death in one of the bloodiest insider attacks of the long Afghan war when a guinman dressed as an Afghan soldier turns on allied troops and wounds 15.

Today’s Birthdays:

Ilya Repin, Russian painter (1844-1930); Guy de Maupassant, French writer (1850-1893); John Huston, U.S. film director (1906-1987); Neil Armstrong, U.S. astronaut and first man to set foot on Moon (1930--2012); Loni Anderson, U.S. actress (1946--); Tawny Kitaen, U.S. actress (1961--); Maureen McCormick, U.S. actress (1956--).

Thought For Today:

I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty; I woke, and found that life was Duty — Ellen Sturgis Hooper, American poet (1816-1841).