Bull-riding Event Is Barbaric, Cruel

September 2, 2018

Editor: In a few short weeks the local arena is hosting a bull-riding event by the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). It is touted as family entertainment, but this is further than the truth. Animals used in these spectacles are physically provoked into displays of “wild behavior.” Electric prods, sharp sticks, caustic ointments, and other devices are used on them, and the flank or bucking strap is tightly cinched around their abdomen or made to pinch their groin and genitals. Animals used for this purpose are usually “expendable” because they are on their way to slaughter. Few laws protect these animals from being exploited and abused. Bull-riding contestants vie to see who can have the most dramatic ride. While the bulls are being restrained in tiny chutes and have ropes with bells tied around their midsections. When the chutes are finally opened, the bulls run to escape the torment. By nature, bulls are roamers and grazing animals. Along with being harassed and abused, they are denied a natural life as they are transported from arena to arena to entertain callous and insensitive humans looking for a cheap thrill. Bull-riding contestants are rarely penalized for injuring or even killing an animal. The days of the Old West are gone, and as a society we must move forward and ban these barbaric practices. Please don’t support animal cruelty. These bull-riding tours will stop coming when you stop giving them your dollars. Patronize only non-animal events like festivals, concerts and museums and respect all life. Patricia Marks WILKES-BARRE

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