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Freshwater Crocodile, Normally Harmless, Attacks Swimmer

August 28, 1992

DARWIN, Australia (AP) _ A freshwater crocodile, normally considered harmless, bit a British tourist in the thigh while she swam in Kakadu National Park in northern Australia.

Park officials said Susie Carswell, a woman in her mid-20s from Sheffield, England, required seven stitches after the five-foot-long animal bit her Thursday.

Freshwater crocodiles are said to be harmless. The more aggressive saltwater crocodiles, which can grow to more than 16 feet, periodically kill humans.

Fred Haala, a park official, said that Carswell apparently did not see the crocodile. Other tourists who saw the animal approach did not warn her.

Kakadu, about 100 miles east of Darwin, lies in Australia’s subtropical far north and is a favorite spot for tourists.