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Current Quotes from the 1992 Campaign Trail

February 6, 1992

Undated (AP) _ ″He has not asked us to stop. If he really felt that way, he should have done that three days after we started. I believe ultimately he wants to do this.″ - Phil Krone, chairman of the National Draft Cuomo Committee, on Cuomo’s neutral position on the write-in campaign to elect him.


″The last thing Bill Clinton needs now is another story questioning his veracity and integrity.″ - Democratic presidential candidate Tom Harkin on Clinton’s use of a deferment during the Vietnam War.


″President Bush has joined my Democratic opponents by proposing a bill that sends a hearse instead of an ambulance to Americans who are dialing 911 on health care.″ - Democratic presidential contender Bob Kerrey on Bush’s health care proposal.

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